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Thank you for your interest in partnering with us.
We are very excited about our next phase for cordell's!  We are in the process of relocating our store to the new Wylie Junction Shopping Center (6410 Buffalo Gap Road) and adding a bistro inside.  We will be serving lunch Tuesday - Friday and brunch on Saturday.  We will also host private events, dinner parties, cooking classes and our cordell's Dinners.  
We cannot wait to open and have y’all see everything we are planning.  We will have everything you currently love about cordell’s, plus new products.  We will be adding our bistro for lunch, brunch and the occasional dinner.  Our coffee and tea bar will allow us to finally serve our awesome coffees and teas by the cup.  We will also offer cooking classes, private events and catering.  The new cordell’s is the next step in the evolution of our business and we cannot wait to share it with you!

Many of you have asked about partnering with us to help make all of this a reality sooner. We appreciate all your support and great ideas and have decided to implement one of them.  We are excited to announce the cordell's Funding Partnership!  Think of it as a Kickstarter but on a smaller, more local level.  We have 9 different partnership levels. Feel free to view the different levels by clicking the image below.  We really appreciate your help and support.   We could not do what we do without you!!

We have banking relationships that we love, but your financial support will enable us to move forward without relying on those relationships as much for funding.  We never dreamed of this approach as a reality, but thanks to many of you sharing this idea, we cannot wait to see where it goes.      


Thank you,

Jason & Joy 

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