Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cobrancosa - Portugal

cordell's: Cobrancosa - Portugal - Olive Oil


                                                    Robust Intensity                                                    

*Crush Date: November 2019


With its signature Cobrançosa nose, this example is both floral and grassy with an  herbaceous center and peppery arugula finish. Complex and layered with desirable bitterness. Incredibly complex and bold.

     *Biophenols: 421.7                 FFA: 0.18

      Oleic Acid:  74.4                    Peroxide: 8.4

      DAGs: 96.3                           *PPP: <1.0

      Squalene:  9,203.3                A-Tocopherols: 250.4


            *As measured at the time of crush

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment

                     FRUITINESS    5.7

                     BITTERNESS   3.5

                         PUNGENCY  4.0


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