cordell's: Arbosana- Chile - Olive Oil

Medium Intensity      

*Crush Date: May 2018*


Originating only very recently in Spain in 1991, this new cultivar is a cross between the iconic Spanish Picual and Arbequina varieties. Our example is sweet and delicate and hails from Portugal. Displays pleasant notes of green almond and olive. Rare!


*Biophenols: 368.2 PPM                *FFA: 0.10

*Oleic Acid: 70           *Peroxide: 6.4

*DAGs: 94.7           *PPP: 1.6

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:

Fruitiness:  4.0   Bitterness: 3.0    Pungency: 4.0  

As measured at the time of crush. Country of origin:  (PORTUGAL)

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$ 11.00